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Costs will be covered by health insurance companies

Various health insurers and accident insurers cover the costs of travel to and / or from the clinic home in Switzerland for inpatient stays from the supplementary insurance:

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Privat: bis CHF 500 pro Kalenderjahr

Halbprivat: bis CHF 250 pro Kalenderjahr

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Uniform. Comfortable.


As a clinic, you pay a flat-rate fare from the clinic to your destination or from the pick-up point to your clinic:


Per Km

time period (up to 61min)

Weekend and night surcharge

Patients or persons can also order our comfortable limousine service privately.

Included in the price is the pick-up at the ward, in the clinic room or at the entrance, as well as the escort of the patients to their home or reception at their destination. Luggage service, water, snacks and daily newspapers are also included in our service free of charge. Long-term medical therapy (e.g. oxygen administration) is free of charge to the extent that a portable device can be taken along by the patient. We charge additionally for the delivery of oxygen via our specially built in oxygen bottle system. Use of medical material in acute emergencies (emergency bag, o2, defibrillator) is charged directly to the patient.

Please note that we charge for the kilometres actually driven and not for kilometres according to an online calculation. Therefore, these may vary in part (bypasses, traffic jams, and so on...).

Any additional butler services requested by the patients are of course charged directly to them and are not at the expense of the clinics.

CHF 50.00

CHF   6.50

CHF 30.00

+25% / Min. 50.-

Our Equipment

 - Emergency backpack for first aid in acute life-threatening situations

- AED Automatic external defibrillator

- 200l oxygen cylinder in the boot with flow connection in the rear

- 230V socket in the rear and boot for medical / equipment

- 8 airbags for maximum safety

- SOS button for quickest alarming of rescue services

- GPS vehicle monitoring via operations center

- Semi-recumbent comfort seats in the rear for comfortable sitting / semi-recumbent

- Drive Cinema System for films or display of clinic logo

- Free W-Lan access in the vehicle (4G)

- Water, snacks, daily newspapers

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