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A lot of patients are confused after an operation, or there are some missing family members and friends to organise the journey home after leaving the clinic.

Offer an additional service as an excellent clinic.

Together with us, bring your patients home, comfortably and conveniently. Last but not least with a lot of security.

limousines are equipped with an emergency bag including AED (defibrillator) and oxygen o2 and our chauffeurs all have advanced knowledge of first aid as well as basic nursing and medical skills. This allows us to offer you a unique service for your patients.



You offer your patients excellent medical treatment, care and also unique support. It has not to be over at your exit doors.

Patients often evaluate the entire period of suffering, therefore also the transfer to a rehabilitation clinic. Let your patients transfer comfortably and safely to aftercare and take them to their destination in a unique Medical Limousine.

Your patients have the possibility, among other things, to put their legs up, to ride comfortably in a semi-recumbent position and enjoy water, snacks and daily newspapers from the region. In addition, a Drive Cinema System is installed in case your patients want to watch a film. Otherwise, we can display your clinic logo on the rear screens with a "Thank you and get well soon" slogan of your choice.

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